This excellent application can download high-quality music videos into the mp3 format. These downloaded videos can be viewed and enjoyed offline by Vidmate Apk users as well. Users can stop and resume the downloading process at any time after clicking the download button the downloading procedure begins with an endless amount of audio.


App Name Vidmate
Version Latest
File Size 25 MB
Total Downloads 200,0000+
Requirement 4.6+
Features Free Video & Music
Latest update 1 day Ago



What is Vidmate Apk?

Vidmate Apk is the world’s most famous due to its multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader & content converter also an excellent player. This is a music downloader and converter that accesses its users, it is the most widely used platform HD video and movie/music downloader. Vidmate apk is also a top-notch layer with the help of this free audio downloader and converter users can access thousands of streaming websites including Facebook, YouTube, Vevo, TikTok, and many more. With Vidmate apk users may stream any movie, song, HD video, and TV show on their Android device for free. With Vidmate Apk, we can view videos and music from various platforms without any watermark. This app is very safe and sound users can use it free of cost, and users can watch online stuff even he/she is not online. Vidmate apk offers a wide range of formats, including Mp3, Mp4, M4A, WEBM, etc. While users of other downloading applications can simply download and view music and movies, Vidmate users, one amazing feature of Vidmate Apk is that users may watch TV shows, something that other downloading applications only allow users to do with music and videos.

About Vidmate Apk

When we use WhatsApp and notice a humorous or educational status update from a contact, the status is automatically removed after a day. We can save any contact’s status on your Android device using the Vidmate apk. The main thing that we want is to compile a personal playlist of all of our favorite songs, and Vidmate Apk makes this easy for its customers and users by allowing them to download any music from any social networking site and then makes this easy. The lack of high resolution that occurs when we download images or videos from other platforms is fixed by Vidmate Apk. With Vidmate apk, users may download high-resolution versions of any song or movie from any platform. One of Vidmate APK’s greatest features is that it allows users to download music and movies quickly and for free without spending any money. The ability to download films, music, and TV series in the background is one of Vidmate Download’s distinctive features. Users simply need to click the “Download” button to begin the process, they are free to use other applications while the download works in the background.

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Amazing Features of Vidmate Apk

Different Media Sources

A wide range of media resources are available to Vidmate apk users. A wide variety of videos are available for free viewing by users, who can even download them to view them offline. This is one of the Vidmate app’s most amazing features.

Save images from social media

These days, a lot of people use social media and worry about how to preserve the photographs they see there. However, with Vidmate APP, users can now save these photos with ease. This is a really simple way to obtain these high-resolution pictures. This is one of Vidmate APK’s most striking features.

Make Custom Music Lists

One amazing feature that Vidmate apk users can take advantage of is the ability to make custom music lists. A lot of individuals enjoy compiling a list of their favorite songs so they may download any music from the Vidmate apk, an amazing program.

Safe Application

Many applications on the internet help to download music and videos but these applications are not safe and secure they may leak our important data or information Vidmate apk is a safe application because this is to date app and the developer made this application honestly and its ratings show that this application is mind-blowing and can attract a large community of users.  

Convert Video Song to Audio

 A lot of people enjoy compiling lists of music in MP3 or audio format, but they sometimes struggle to figure out how to convert videos to audio. Fortunately, Vidmate apk has provided a solution to this issue. Users can download video songs in MP3 format here. This is one of Vidmate Apk’s amazing features. You are free to make a list of your selections. This attribute draws in an extensive user base.

High-resolution downloads of any kind 

This is very difficult to come by since social media users are unable to download movies or images in their original high definition. Vidmate apk has the answer to this issue. Any video or image can be downloaded in incredibly high definition using the Vidmate app. Vidmate apk has never been a more sophisticated software thanks to this amazing feature.

Download Multiple Items

People enjoy using online applications that allow them to download multiple items simultaneously. One example of such an application is the Vidmate. Users of this application can download several images videos and songs simultaneously. This is a time-saving program that makes downloading anything quick and simple. This Vidmate apk function is incredible.

Fast Downloading

Vidmate app’s biggest feature is the ability to watch videos and listen to music offline. While users can download a range of programs from social media at a very sluggish speed, Vidmate apk users download photographs and videos at a very high speed. This is a great Vidmate apk feature.


New Features of Vidmate Apk

Search Video Sites

The Vidmate apk also has a search function. This is amazing because when you search for video websites, people find the exact websites they want to visit. With the search function, you can look for a wide variety of songs, videos, and other content.

The wide range of supported websites

Numerous apps only link to a small number of approved websites. However, there is a wide range of supported websites in the Vidmate apk.

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Download Items from Background

The Vidmate apk has an excellent function here. because a large number of different internet apps enable users to download images, videos, or music by launching a particular application. However, users of the Vidmate app can download music and videos in the background. It implies that you can utilize various apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Cappuccino, and many more, once you click the download button and the item begins to download. This is the kind of Vidmate apk function that draws in a sizable user base for this kind of program.

Watch TV Serials

Users can download music and videos from the internet and watch them offline using certain apps, but they are unable to watch TV series online. However, vidmate apk users can watch TV shows online; this is one of its amazing features. Now, you can watch every TV episode on the internet with the amazing Vidmate apk app.

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Pause and resume downloading

Vidmate apk allows users to pause and resume downloading videos, images, and songs. This feature sets it apart from many social media programs where users can only continue downloading after clicking the download button. The ability to pause and resume a download is great; all users have to do is click the pause button to halt the download at a specific moment before it finishes. Vidmate app’s amazing feature makes this software quite helpful in the modern day.

Download Videos from YouTube

The Vidmate apk allows users to download videos from YouTube as well as other networking platforms like Facebook, Pikashow, and Instagram. The fact you can quickly download any YouTube video makes this Fantastic.

FAQ’s Of Vidmate

Is it Safe to Use?

Indeed, Vidmate Apk is completely virus-free, so users don’t need to worry about their Android device’s security when using it, according to CM Security and McAfee.

Can we Download Vidmate Apk Ios and PC?

No. it is available only for Android devices.

Do we have to pay some money to download and use Vidmate Apk?

No, the Vidmate Apk is completely free to use for everyone. This program is available for free download, so users may take advantage of all its features without having to pay a dime.

How to download Music videos with Vidmate apk?

It’s very easy to download videos and music with Vidmate Apk. Simply search for your preferred music, video, or TV show, then click the download icon that appears below. You will also see additional options, such as mp3 and the ability to choose an HD quality for videos, such as 360P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, or 4K.

Final Words

Vidmate apk is the world’s most popular multi-platform HD videos, movies, and music downloader and converter and also an excellent player. This music downloader and converter access its users to thousands of streaming sites like YouTube, YT, Facebook, TikTok, Vevo and many more completely free. Vidmate apk facilitate its users with so many features users can lock the downloaded videos, movies,  music, dramas, and TV shows and this feature makes Vidmate Apk more attractive and unique from other applications. We suggest you to download and use Vidmate apk because Vidmate Apk is completely different and unique from other downloading applications.